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What you need to know to volunteer in New Zealand

Moving to a new country isn’t easy. You might find challenges to fit into a new culture or even to speak a new language. A great way to improve your experience and the way to do things as a local is volunteering. Many countries have community office and associations that can provide information for new volunteers.

In New Zealand, for example, you’ll see a variety of activities. To help animals find a new safe home, from donating money or even your time to help refugees. Next, I’ll give you some steps to become a volunteer in New Zealand. If you are somewhere else overseas make a research for similar places and ONGs that you interested to join in. Hope you enjoy it!volunteering in New ZealandWhere do I start with?

Libraries, schools, church and many institutions in New Zealand often offer projects and temporary activities that you can join in. Another idea is to go through these three websites below. They are going to show you options according to your preferences and region. You only need a few clicks to find the best place near by you.

-Volunteering NZ

-Go Overseas

-Seek Volunteer NZ

Visiting New Zealand but want to volunteer?

Volunteering means that you offer your time and your skills to help a cause or someone else. In exchange you receive life experience, but NO CASH in your pockets. In New Zealand, generally, if you are legally allowed to stay in the country and never got a claim for prejudice or discrimination, then you can volunteer.

Because of that, make sure with the local immigration if the rules apply to your situation in New Zealand.

According to the New Zealand immigration website: On visitor visa, You must not expect or receive gain or reward for the volunteer work you do. If your intention is to receive gain or reward, you are not considered to be a volunteer and should consider applying for a work visa.” (Immigration New Zealand)

Just make sure that you going to commit with the project you choose during the period of time you are in New Zealand.

Benefits of volunteering

– You’ll improve your social skills. What a better way to make friends in a new place? And also have the opportunity to meet people from different culture and ages.

You’ll practice your English. Even if this is your mother tongue, when volunteering you can learn some new ways to listen, engage and connect to others.

-Have you heard of empathy? Yep! Volunteering put your empathy in action. Instead of complaining and judging, for example, you will become more mature and understand the world from another perspective.

-Volunteering can help with your new job. Asking for a good reference from this organizations is also acceptable. Most of the New Zealanders companies consider the value of volunteering and those extra hours that you spent.

Suggestions to start looking

Red Cross





English Language Partners 


Siga o Além do Mar

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